Understanding an arena that’s rich in consumer choice and competition

Consumer Satisfaction in the Contact Lens Marketplace

Understanding an arena that’s rich in consumer choice and competition

Most consumers are satisfied not only with today’s wide range of technological advancements in contact lens products but also with the increasing variety of retail options to purchase these lenses. And quite importantly, doctors play a key role in consumer satisfaction with what they’re able to ultimately prescribe.

Today’s contact lens marketplace is rich with competition at the manufacturer, prescriber, and retailer levels. As a result, eye care professionals have better options when prescribing lenses to suit their patient’s ocular needs, and consumers have more choices when deciding where to have their eyes examined and where to purchase contact lenses.

The result – according to a consumer survey – is that a majority of respondents (83%) believe contact lenses have improved in recent years, and that there is overwhelming support for the current options for purchasing lenses (96%). And further, an overwhelming 97% of consumers say their eye care professional has been helpful in finding contacts they liked.

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